• Rev 9:1-4
  • Obama's "ransom" of deserter-defector in Afghanistan turns loose 5 of the world's most deadly mass murderers on U.S. troops and innocent middle eastern civilians. (high crimes and misdemeanors); thus making our service people high value hostage targets.
  • Our troops are still being exposed to spent uranium waste and ALS in the middle east. Deliberately !!UPDATE! Obama has just released Isis' South American General Staff to Uraguay ! TREASON DEFINED: "giving aid or comfort to the enemy" a cheerful "Heads off" ! to mullahs obama and feinstien.
  • Was Gen.Shinseki's appointment as secretary of Veterans Affairs a vengence setup by the Bush-Obama-Rumsfeld axis to discredit that distinguished patriot's reputation ? The V.A., with a few blessed exceptions, has been the historical haven of graft and political patronage. UPDATE: By appealing the federal court's Los Angeles Decision against seizure of veteran's land grant property, Messrs. Shinseki and MacDonald have repudiated their sacred oaths and brought shame on their alma mater (West Point).
  • Obama donates YOUR $70,000,000 to the planned parent-hoods to further genocide of unborn blacks and other economic "undesirables"
  • Salt-Grease & Sugar; The food industry vomits forth its wares !
  • Ronald McDonald named patron saint of Juvenile Diabetes (type II)
  • Bush and Cheney "rebuild" Iraq with the help of Cheney's old boss, Halliburton($$$) ! UPDATE: Obama is sending our kids back in for instant replay !
  • Bernanke, Goldman-Sachs, the Fed and the "quantitative easing" (sounds like a measured dose of ex-lax administered to YOUR wallet !)
  • Abortion and Euthanasia (murder?) practiced or at least condoned by most medical organizations
  • Ruthless propaganda by commercial entities to enhance bottom-line results at the cost of customer life and health.
  • Is Thimerisol really mercury? YES
  • Is Thimerisol a dangerous neurotoxin? YES
  • Is Thimerisol being injected into babies, children, adults, pregnant women, senior citizens, via vaccines? YES
  • Has the autism rate increased exponentialy ? Update: This years' flu vaccine has been found ineffective and tainted (ask any whistle blower) welcome to satan's abbatior ! !