The Veteran's Christian Fellowship---We Believe:

The Trinity (Tri-Unity)of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit as Co-Equivalencies.
(Psalm110,Isaiah 9:6 John10:15, John14:9-18, Col 2:9, Rom 11:36)

The virgin birth of The Lord Jesus Christ, God's Only Begotten Son.
(Isaiah7:14, Luke1:35, 1John4:9)

The Holy Bible as set forth in the Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek manuscripts, is both Inspired and without contradiction.
(Heb4:12, James1:21, John1:1-4)

The saving Grace of Christ's sacrifice is the only worthy atonement for our sins.
(Isa1:18, 1Peter1:18-25, Eph1:7, Heb9:15-22)

The way to Salvation is through faith and that works are the fruit of faith.
(Luke6:43-44, John3:14-18)

The races of mankind are all created by God and that all are equally cherished.
(Gen1:31, Acts10:34-35, Gal3:26-29)

The only soul, at this juncture, condemned to perdition, is satan; that he alone is "the son of perdition".
(2Thes2:3-4, Ezekiel 28:15-18)

The final consumption of those who are condemed is both final and total.
(Psalm 37:20, 2Peter 2:6, Rev20:13-15)

Last Updated: 24-JAN-06