s).. We quote directly from the KJV as many of our references are keyed thereto e.g. Strong's etc. There are many translations of God's Word; a few are excellent, but almost all of the popular "modern" ones are denominational and/or biased into one or another 'tradition'(gnosticism, the non-divinity of Christ etc.).(The good King James was not infallible !)

It is quite enlightening to break down the translators work and examine the idioms and figures of speech used by the various authors of Scripture (through The Holy Spirit)...If it weren't so tragic it would almost be funny to watch folks "lift up serpents" (unfortunately some of them get fatally bitten each year).Its a figure of speech that some folk take literally...yes it is Gospel... yes it is literally God's Word....it means that you can deal with the devil and his liars......unscathed... in HIS service and in HIS Name.

We welcome questions and comments although we are not a debating society. If you transpose the 'm' and 1st 'n' in"denomination".....We are on watch; watchmen watching for enemy action; we have no "denominational" agendas (for God's Word on man's traditions see Ezekiel Chapter 4)...none of us earn our (physical)livings by teaching or preaching; in no way do we "earn" our spiritual living,either... it is thru His GRACE... GiftRecieved At Christ's Expense !.....Zerubabel brothers and sisters ! Come on OUT of man's lies and babel and into our Father's Word.



Last Updated: 24-JUL-12